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2014 Honda Accord Coupe Release Date & Redesign

2014 Honda Accord Coupe Release Date & Redesign - 2014 Honda Accord Coupe, a car that delivers together energy, high-class, performance, and as a eco-friendly car, launched by Honda that pleased by innovative technology today. Overall look Conform PHEV looks more eye-catching than 2013 Altima style and vehicle versions firm. It has a new style and we personally think it is so appropriate for someone who likes with a magnificent car so much. Although we believe that the price is not too affordable but we are still sure the specifications / features that be provided are comparative with the price of it.
2014 Honda Accord Coupe Release Date & Redesign
2014 Honda Accord Coupe Release Date & Redesign

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2014 Honda Accord Coupe Release Date and Price

Meanwhile some gossips told that 2014 Honda Accord Coupe release date will be in delayed this year. Honda has revealed costs for its future Accord plug-in several at the 2012 Los Angeles Automated Show. The car will be priced from $39,780 when it goes on sale Jan 15 in California and New You are able to. That is just a little higher than the recently-announced price for the 2014 Honda Accord Coupe at $39,495, which will is a little more than the Chevrolet Volt’s beginning price of $39,145.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe Powertrain

2014 Honda Accord Coupe uses a four-cylinder energy motor 2.0-liter World Goals Atkinson. This motor can provide energy of 137 hp. The energy motor is along with a 124 kW motor unit and lithium-ion battery power pack 6.7 kWh. Finish result that can be provided from the several motor of 196 hp. 2014 New Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid can be billed a minimum of three hours, using a traditional 120-volt power. Or it can be empowered using a battery charger just one time with 240-volt energy. The activity of the car without energy operated by lithium-ion battery power pack 6.7 kWh. Finish energy collected by the program gets to 196 hp.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe Exterior

Compared to past development the beltline of 2014 Honda Accord Coupe has been reduced a smidge to improve overall visibility. Variations to the sheet metal offer the Accord a more stunning look with better lines. Comprehensive use of high-tensile steel, which makes up 55.8 percent of the unibody, reduces weight and enhances structural solidity.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe Improvements

On the structure part, Honda modified the old Accord’s double wishbone front part cancellation with a Mac Pherson sway set up that visits on a new steel and steel subframe. Honda claims the new configurations is not only less heavy, but also helps improve handling and quality of drive by reducing inner interference, oscillations, and disrespect , an area in which 2014 Honda Accord Coupe need significant enhancement.

2014 Honda Accord Coupe Release Date & Redesign

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